Coffee Lover? Here Are 5 Signs To Check If You Really Love Coffee!

by Sapphire Team on June 12, 2022

 A god-gifted beverage that tops our hustle and leisure routines with ease! No matter what time of the day it is, a cup of coffee seems promising anytime. Isn't it? Coffee rules over the hearts of thousands of coffee lovers all around the planet.  In fact, It is the second thing people meet in the morning, second after their alarm clock ⏰!

Being a coffee lover is simple. All you need is a great taste and enthusiasm for the drink. 

Yes! Today we’re revealing the signs that say - YOU ARE A COFFEE LOVER. 

But first, let us clear the air about who is a Coffee Aficionado and a Coffee Lover

Coffee Aficionado or Coffee Lover? 🤷💭

These two terms are often treated as the same. However, there's a catch! 

A coffee aficionado knows extensively about coffee - from the perfect level of roasts to the most rewarding Arabica & Robusta coffee combination. They are highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. 

On the other hand, a coffee lover does not necessarily have an enormous knowledge of the subject. Regardless, both love coffee the same and look forward to having it each day! 


For those who think that is too much academia - the bottom line is that it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter as long as you are ever excited about coffee! 

5 failproof signs to verify your love for Coffee ✔️ 

A cup of coffee fits seamlessly into your everyday activities, no matter what they are. Most of the time. It doesn’t even cross your mind how frequently coffee is involved in your days - be it the routinely morning coffee to jumpstart your day, or the spontaneous coffee plans with your sister, brother, cousin, or best friend. If you’re having a good time, coffee is surely involved!


1. You can fit in a Coffee EVERYWHERE! 

Sometimes, just the idea of having a good cup of coffee is all you need to cheer you up. But you don’t seem to settle there. You manifest the idea! Here’s how - 

ALL of your outings and staying-in plans have a *default* coffee drink included! Something like this 👇👇👇

📍It's a Shopping day? You would love to close it with a nice cup of coffee! 

📍Running errands on a Tuesday? You will have a cold brew in your hand throughout! 

📍Have a virtual Business meeting? Whoops! We notice you sipping on coffee while you're discussing mind-blowing ideas. 

Sounds familiar..? 

Coffee is like a happiness ritual - a recipe for joy if you will!  After all, Moments over coffee become memories that we create every day. Don't we? ;) 

2. You have a coffee preference for every mood 👀

Depending on how you are feeling at a given time, you pick a different coffee to suit your mood right. 

☕Craving the comfort and warmth of a loved one? Let’s make you a hot chocolate mocha to bring back the love you are missing! 

☕Didn't get enough sleep and you have an important interview scheduled for this morning? No worries because you can make the perfect American Instant Coffee in a matter of minutes! 

☕Do you want to enjoy an Affogato as your everyday dessert? The coffee gods are here for you! 

☕Feeling salty? Go get a sea salt latte to ease your mind! 

Bonus Points ✨

You even have different cups/glasses for the different kinds of coffees you prepare and drink. A tall glass for cold brew, a shot glass for affogato, a jumbo mug for hot chocolate mocha, and the crockery goes on…


3. You know your Coffee Pairings inside out 💯

You know what pairs best with your coffee treat 🍫🍨🍪

Is it a side of Dark Chocolate with your traditional black coffee? Some Danish butter cookies to enjoy with a steamy hot latte? or some crushed wafer cubes coupled topped over a drool-worthy affogato shot dessert. 

No matter what it is, you know your taste buds too well. You can tell what goes best with your coffee and would fit your mood best at any given time! 


4. Running out of Coffee? Let’s go grab some!  🍵🛒

Firstly, god forbid, you never run out of coffee. It’s such a staple in your pantry. 

On a brighter note:  the best part about when you’re short on coffee is walking through the coffee aisles in the supermarket! 

Don’t you wish you could smell all the coffee flavors at once!? The aromas, the blends, the perfect combinations of coffee grounds.

For you, coffee shopping feels like a satisfying olfactory experience. Indulgent, pleasant, and wholesome in its own 💯


5. Coffee Samples? Yes Please! 🙌

You never say no to free coffee! When you're excited, you even request the barista at your coffee shop to try a few samples. It helps you make an ideal choice. ( decisions,  decisions...)

A non-negotiable 🧑‍⚖️

All coffee should be mellow coffee. The taste of coffee is very important to you!

How many of these signs do you resonate with? Is there anything else you do that validates your love of coffee for you!? Comment your thoughts below as we would love to hear them!!


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