Sapphire Coated nuts Hazelnut 175 gm

Hazelnuts Covered in Milk Chocolate 175g

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    A captivating blend of Chocolate and Nuts. Healthy Nuts are richly coated with a Fine layer of Creamilicious-ly Silky Milk Chocolate. The emerging Choco-stasy is perfectly rounded with a delectable Crunch of health.  

    • Hazelnuts contain high amounts of antioxidants, Vitamin E, Manganese, and Copper, and Plant-Based Omegas.
    • buttery Hazelnuts are lavishly coated with a Creamy layer of the Highest Quality Milk Chocolate.
    • Comes enclosed in a beautiful Tin Box that is Reusable for eternity.
    • A Gluten-free delicacy, Suitable for all Ages and Occasions. 




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