Royal Dansk Choco-Chip Cookies: Original Danish Recipe
Royal Dansk Choco-Chip Cookies: Original Danish Recipe
Royal Dansk Choco-Chip Cookies: Original Danish Recipe

Royal Dansk Choco-Chip Cookies 340g - Pack of 12

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    Royal Dansk premium Imported Choco-Chip Cookies are made in Denmark with the Original Danish Recipe. These sweet treasures are just as tasty as they were baked so many years ago. Supreme in quality and taste, Royal Dansk choco-chips cookies are the exhibit of grandiose. The finest selection of natural ingredients and fulfilling flavors, accompanied by the best baking practices is what makes these chocolate chip cookies extra special. Made with wheat flour and pure chocolate choco-chips, they taste as good as they look. The firm, textured, and crispy chocolate chip cookie snaps when broken. The first bite is met by buttery smooth undernotes enriched with moldy then melty choco-chips.

    • Imported choco-chip cookies by Royal Dansk are from Denmark and are made with the Original Danish Recipe. 
    • 'Mouthwatering' in its purest form: The grandiose of these Traditional Danish cookies is in the fact that these are made with the highest quality and all-natural ingredients, pure choco-chips, and natural wheat flours. The chocolate chip cookies contain no saturated fats, artificial coloring, or preservatives.  
    • Crisp when broken, the warm indulgent choco-chip cookies are mouth melting-ly smooth and chocolatey. The fulfilling bite is met with moldy choco-chips that add flair to the goodness of the whole cookie experience. 
    • Easy to stack, store, and carry. Imported Butter Cookies come in high-quality packaging. The  cookies come elegantly enclosed in a statement tin box that is Decorative, Reusable, Resalable, Eco-Friendly, and can be used as a bowl to avoid crumbs. 
    • Allergen information: contains Wheat, Milk, and Coconut. May contains traces of Eggs, Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Macadamia Nuts.

     The satisfying chocolaty feel is met with enriching choco-chips elevating the cookie experience even further. Simply hard to resist, and relished by all ages. Signifying grace and taste, chocolate chip Butter Cookies come in a classy blue tin box. The tin box is not only eco-friendly but also resealable to retain the quality of chocolate chip cookies till the very last bite. A delicious hostess gift- rich chocolate chip cookies pair well with a glass of milk, a cup of coffee, ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, cakes, and everywhere the love of chocolates can take one to. 


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