Oriental Super Rings Cheese 60g
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Oriental Super Rings Cheese 60g

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    Malaysia's favorite, Oriental super rings are the antidote to your cheese temptations. Super cheesy and super crispy, Oriental super rings are made with real cheese

    Open the pack of cheesy cheese rings at a party and everyone will love you. These are a perfect cheese fix for when needed. 

    Convenience and taste go hand in hand with Oriental super rings as they are light, flavorful, and easy to carry anywhere and anytime. 

    Super rings are light, crispy, cheesy and everyone is going to love you if you open a pack at a party. 

    Cheese rings are delicious on their own and do not contain any artificial color or flavors. 

    About the Item:

    • Country of origin: Malaysia
    • Super rings are made with real cheese and are light, flavorful, crispy, and simply fulfilling. 
    • Cheese rings contain at least 30% less oil than regular chips. 
    • The exhibit of comfort and convenience. Super rings come in convenient packaging and are cheesy in a comforting way. 
    Super rings contain no artificial coloring or flavors.