Oriental Cheese Ball 80g
Oriental Cheese Ball 80g
Oriental Cheese Ball 80g

Oriental Cheese Ball 80g

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    Made with real cheese powder, these cheese balls are bound to get you hooked. 

    The best call for comfort food. Cheese balls are intensely flavored, crispy and a fulfilling indulgence for when needed. 

    The flavorful snack comes in a convenient packaging that is easy to carry anywhere. 

    Cheese balls are a slightly healthier option when it comes to guilt-free snacking

    The cheese balls are baked and contain at least 30% less fat than regular chips. 

    A wise option for health-conscious people, Oriental cheese balls are made without hydrogenated oils and are gluten and trans-fat-free. 

    About the item- 

    • Made with real cheese and baked for the right amount of crunch and flavors. 
    • Cheese balls are baked and contain almost 30% less fat than regular chips. 
    • A fulfilling snack for health-conscious people. Made without hydrogenated fats,  Cheese balls are gluten-free and trans-fat-free.  
    • Country of Origin- Malaysia

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