Boxed Chocolates 160gm - Pack of 5

Almonds,Raisins,Hazelnuts Covered in Chocolate 160g Pack of 5

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Boxed Chocolates 90g - Pack of 5 

Nutty Pearls of Chocolate beautifully enclosed inside Tin Boxes shaped in the form of a Heart. 

This is the Gift Hamper if you want to give your loved ones something that is a little more personal. To make them smile a little wider on Special Days, Big Accomplishments, or even moments of Affection. The Heat- Shaped Tins are filled with a wide range of Fine Nuts ( Almonds, Raisins, and Hazelnuts) that are coated with the Creamiest layers of Milk Chocolate.

Contains -

  • 2 Sapphire Heart Tin Hazelnuts 160g
  • 2 Sapphire Heart Tin Fruit & Nuts160g
  • 1 Sapphire Heart Tin Almonds 160g