Wafer Rolls (Vanilla+Chocolate) 300g + Coffee 100g
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Wafer Rolls (Vanilla+Chocolate) 300g + Coffee 100g

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We’re talking a Tall Tin of Luxury Wafer Rolls filled with Chocolate Cream, the other Tin filled with Strawberry cream, and a Jar of Fine-ly blended Arabica and Robusta Coffee- All in a single Gift Hamper. 

In every bite, Luxury Wafer Rolls give out a Silk-like Velvety Crunch that is easy to Munch on and hard to say no to. Pairing up greatly with Sapphire Gold Coffee from Poland- this is a Crunch and Sip Combo to seduce the young and Old alike.

Delivered all Across India, right at your doorstep-  because who doesn't want to feel special after all?  


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