Zess Chocolate Biscuit 148g

Zess Chocolate Biscuit 148g

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    The chocolatey crunch of Zess Chocolate biscuits is one of a kind. Made in Malaysia, the chocolate biscuits are made with genuine cocoa powder. The fine composition of these chocolate biscuits is what leads to the supreme taste and rich chocolatey flavor of these chocolate biscuits. 

    The pack of 10 consists of 10 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits. The convenient packaging makes the biscuits an easy and fulfilling convenience food option. 

    Chocolate biscuits taste great when dunked with a glass of milk, alternated with a cup of coffee, crushed, and sprinkled in ice cream. Chocolate biscuits are quick on the go indulgence for when a sweet craving calls. 

    About the item-

    • Imported from Malaysia, the Zess chocolate biscuit pack contains 10 individually packaged crunchy chocolate biscuits. 
    • Chocolate biscuits are supreme in taste. Made with genuine cocoa powder, zess chocolate biscuits are as crispy as they look. Chocolatey chocolate biscuits break with a snap sound and every bite is packed with good taste.
    • Taste best when dunked in a glass of milk, chocolate biscuits make for a quick and fulfilling convenience food on the go.  
    • Fulfilling in taste, zess chocolate biscuits contain no trans fat or  Cholesterol
    • Allergen information: contains wheat and soy. Manufactured in the same equipment that processes products containing milk derivatives, soya derivatives, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, and nut products.

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